Video update – Oct 2022


day 1315  : :  blog post 023

As we roll down to the end of this series, join me as I expose our little unfinished shack (lovingly known as P2) to the world. This video might not interest many folks, but while we built out tiny house, we glamped in this unfinished semi-trailer. So this is more of a reminder for us about our old home but you might be curious as well. Enjoy and thanks for watching! 💚

Build update – Sept 2020


day 612  : :  blog post 016

Some significant changes in these episodes of my semi trailer project. In video one (episode 14) we’re going vertical! Walls are going up and things are taking shape. In the second part (episode 14a), I run through all the drama of my skylight and roof leaking saga that has plagued me for a few months. Thanks for watching!