Struggling, but kinda not…

Just a quick note on simple living when you’re a freelance artist and always kind of broke: it’s better than being kind of broke but with a mortgage, kids, a massive credit card debt and other sizable monthly expenses! That’s what I’ve been telling myself of late as I struggle to find work and am just getting by financially. If I had any lifestyle other than a simple one, I’d be forced to get a job I didn’t want, working too many hours and becoming a slave to my work and my debt. I might get myself out of debt, but then I’d be working too much, lured into spending frivolously, and then so the snowball grows…

Anyone reading this who makes a decent living financially is probably thinking I’m an idiot, suffering when I could be working in order to pay for the “good things” in life. There are times when the idea of greater financial security sounds appealing, and perhaps I just need to organise myself a bit better still, but the hardest part I struggle with that scenario is the working/commuting for 1/3rd of your life (plus sleeping the equivalent) and just squeezing in the real living we should all be doing. And by “living” I don’t mean shopping, I mean spending time with family and friends, following hobbies and creative pursuits, being altruistic and helping the needy or at least people around your community, being healthy with lower stress and greater chance to be relaxing and enjoying life – the real good life.

The great thing I’ve learned about my new lifestyle is when I get in a financial pickle, getting myself out of it is 10 times easier when the hill is not so insurmountable, like it was in the past. I’ll admit that sometimes I just want to go out and have a nice meal or just not have to think so carefully about my cash-flow, but when I think about the sheer number of things I have on my list of hobbies that I’d like to achieve/finish, I could never go out again and still not get through half of them! On top of that, I want to be able to spend time with my girlfriend or other friends at the drop of a hat and not be stuck at work, only fitting people in in evenings or weekends. I live for flexibility in my life!

Anyway, I’ll tighten my belt this week, push through a couple of pending jobs to get paid, and then a relatively small sum will carry me through for a couple of weeks. In the past, that same amount would last me half as long or less.

2 thoughts on “Struggling, but kinda not…

  1. Hi, I just found your blog by searching wordpress on “living simply”, since I just posted on this topic too.. & I really enjoyed your post. I have made similar decisions in my life to prioritize living over a bigger paycheck, and it has been incredibly rewarding. My situation is of course a little different than yours, but nonetheless I liked what you had to say.

    I like your blog & I’ll definitely be back!


    • Thanks Suzanne. I am still trying to figure out my “voice” for this blog and look back and feel a bit too preachy about the idea still. I guess I’m just excited to get others thinking about simplifying their lives too! It does sound like your situation is a bit different (been reading ur blog too 🙂 ) but I think the core idea is the same. Simple living may seem “boring” to some, but my days are packed full of things to do now that I have the extra time not working to even be able to follow some of those paths/dreams/ideas. I think I’m still growing into this lifestyle though…!


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