Justin Timberlake wants you to go to Veganville

Ah, Saturday Night Live…I can’t watch you anymore from Australia but there are still some classics being made. JT was always good at making memorable ones:

The thing I like about this as well is that there is a message in the script but it is carefully written as to not be preachy. I think that is powerful and very effective! (I think it’s at a funny angle cuz it probably has NBC unhappy it’s being shared. Still fun to watch…

(Sorry that the link keeps going dead. NBC and their tyrannical ways keep making people take down copies of this skit from YouTube. Idiots)

2 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake wants you to go to Veganville

    • I think SNL does air on some of the pay cable packages like FoxTel, but I don’t have that anymore. Only about 1 in 10 people would have FoxTel. It’s usually pretty easy to find stuff online though. I grew up in Canada so I remember the good old days of SNL too 🙂


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