2010 was a life-changing year for me in a lot of ways, and one of the major things I learned was how irresponsibly I was treating this planet and the people in it. Not that I’m all that different than others; I don’t deliberately throw rubbish in the ocean or burn down forests or threaten indigenous people with violence. I was like most people in an absent, ignorant and self-rightous kind of way. The way that most people are in Western society, realising on some level that we are privileged to be born here and not in an impoverished country, but then straight-away abusing that privilege by supporting the corporations and governments who are perpetuating the oppression of those impoverished people. While we’re busy allowing this to happen, we’re also contributing to the decimation of our planet by living well beyond our ecological means simply because we’re too lazy, too greedy and feeling too superior to think we have to worry about it.

I’ve decided to make this ever-updating list as I learn new ways to minimise my footprint and impact of living on Earth, but also how to more ethically interact with people and companies who are doing the right thing. Hopefully, anyone who reads this can incorporate as many of these things as possible into their own life to help us be a more responsible species.

I am by no means an expert on this topic and hope that my entries will be merely conversation-starters, inciting productive, positive feedback and suggestions that will make this a rich resource for anyone who is concerned about the state of the planet! I encourage guest bloggers with useful input to Please contribute!

— Mike Crowhurst, January 2011



My career ambition has been in the film and television realm for the past 6 years and, until the past couple of years, I had approached it in a fairly typical way looking to ultimately make feature film or commercial television. With a growing awareness of the failing environment and the inequality of living conditions of people in this world, I have been feeling that I’m being steered into the direction of subject matter that increases awareness and educates, and that this guiding feeling is almost beyond my control. Offering a voice to the world in a form that I am comfortable with makes me feel that, in some small way, I might be able to make a difference.

I live in Adelaide, Australia; my state of South Australia is the driest state on the driest continent in the world.

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