Here’s an ongoing list of useful links and resources I’ve come across in my travels. Some great stuff to be learned and shared! Contact me if you find something you’d like me to add…

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Story of Stuff – ~ from the original presentation that has been viewed by millions of people to all the other important topics the site covers, this is a site not to be missed. Anyone who lives on this planet should watch the main presentation in the same way An Inconvenient Truth was a landmark film for climate change.

All About Veganism ~ this is the best and most complete website about veganism I have found, covering everything from myths, history, break down of why eating meat and dairy is so wrong, environmental info, helpful food info for vegans, and much more.

The Kill Counter ~ A must-see page located on the above website, this counter immediately starts tallying the number of creatures that have been killed worldwide for human consumption the moment that the page is launched. Staggering and humbling to see just how brutal it is the effect that we have on this planet.

Avaaz – ~ there’s not many groups that can claim the success of their action like Avaaz can, coming to the aid of countless groups and individuals, exposing issues and fighting corruption and poverty using the collective voice of the people. A powerful unifier of people-power to influence global decision-making.

Global Rich List – ~ a very simple but direct demo that forces you to consider your Western society wealth, see where you could cut back on expenses and material needs and how you can make a donation that impacts people positively

Carbon Footprint calculator – ~ many people have seen or heard of these but I think it’s important for everyone to have done it at least once, if only to be more aware of your personal usage/wastage. You can also create an account to track changes in your lifestyle and has easy links to popular services to pay for carbon credits – Intentional Communities ~ good article about what “intentional communities” are and why they are appealing. The whole IC website is a resource on this topic.

Transition Towns – ~ these communities are all about revamping our current communities and making them much more sustainable in terms of carbon-friendliness but also just better places for people to live. This link is a good introduction to what they do.

Milkcrate Digest – ~ just a cool site, devoted to all things milk crate. Creative, ingenious and fun stuff to share or do yourself! I was inspired by the stuff I saw on this website to build my crate seats and the foundation of my lounge room is all milk crates! 🙂

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